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Compliance News

  • 18/01/2021

    Company Policies and Procedures – Article 3 & 5

    Enagic reiterated that in accordance with “Company Policies and Procedures”, Article 3 - Distributor Qualification, Article 5 – Business Conduct:

    Distributors must operate in accordance with the company's market planning system. Regardless of the level/region/ country, distributors cannot charge annual fees as an excuse to support their team, nor can they design their own marketing plans. Any violation must be dealt with serious.

    In China, Enagic assign no distributors/companies/studios/water shops/any headquarters/branch be our representatives.

    If you need to inquire about domestic regulations and apply for water shops, please contact Enagic Compliance Department.

    Contact information

    Tel : +852 21540078

    Email :compliance@enagic-asia.com

    Wechat ID: Enagic法規部

    Wechat QR code:

  • 29/12/2020

    Precautions for installing water machine

    We have received a complaint about a customer’s water hose bursting after the improper installation of the machine, it caused the water leak out and soak the whole house. We find that during to the installation, someone removed the original Pre-Filter of the customer to install his own. Therefore, the hose needs to be modified.

    The original water hose has deteriorated, however, when the machine installed, the customer haven’t be informing the problem. 

    And also using the rust hose connect to your new Pre-Filter, it will be burst and the water will leak and soak the whole house. Distributors should bear the responsibility and compensation.

    Taking photo for the water hose before and after the installation. If there is any problem with the customer’s own hose or other equipment, Distributors should warn the customer immediately. 

    Remember, Install the water machine after solved all problems.

  • 02/06/2020

    Selling counterfeit goods

    Recently, Enagic water machine “counterfeit goods” selling in market, and claim that Enagic technician set up product line in China, this behavior is misleading and infringe on consumers' rights and interests.

    We reiterates that the Enagic has never set up a production line in China. All Enagic brand products are exported from Japan. Consumers are advised to be alert to counterfeit products.

    Health and Safety - Counterfeiters don’t care about your well-being, They just want to make a profit, many counterfeit products are low-quality and can cause injuries.

  • 20/05/2020

    Avoid making False Statements to consumers on COVID-19 outbreak

    Medical claims are strictly forbidden during sales promotion of Enagic products, Kangen Water and Strong Kangen Water.Please avoid making False Statements, for example, prevent, cure, treat, mitigate of coronavirus (COVID-19).

    Thank you for your cooperation.

  • 01/11/2019

    About water machines in China

    The company reiterates that all water machines used in China must through company official importation channel. If anyone finds that someone is smuggling and tax evasion, they must be severely punished. 

    The company does not provide warranty for products that have not been officially imported by the company.

  • 24/07/2019

    Old machine is sold as a new machine after renovation

    Recently, the company received maintenance water machine. After inspection, it was found that the water machine has been used for nearly ten years, but the appearance is still new. The guests said that they have used it for less than one year. It was originally purchased through some online shop, such as Taobao. There are suspected malpractices renovate the old machine and then sell it through online shop.

    Such retreading methods may expose paints into water pipe, thus affecting the safety of the product and not suitable as drinking water. Once the water machine has been modified or painted with materials, the warrantee will be invalid.

    We reiterates that the Enagic water machine is strictly forbidden to sell on any online shop. Distributors are not allowed to sell the products through online shop. Once seized, the company will terminate its distribution rights and the related products will not be repaired.

    Customers who want to purchase the company's products are advised to purchase through legal distributors or authorized water stores. You must not purchase through any online shop to avoid the purchase of substandard water machines and lead to losses.

  • 23/07/2019

    Pay attention Unauthorized Seller

    To protect the buyer benefit and safety, we strongly suggest no trade on online shop:

    1. Enagic products never selling through online shop, and online selling is prohibit.
    2. Any product purchase through online channel will not be able to cover by warranties.
    3. The exterior of SD501 (7 plates) and JrII (3 plates) are very similar but price is different, buyer may not getting the correct information from online shop.
    4. The products may be used, defective, counterfeit and arrear.
    5. The products may have not been registered under your name.
  • 30/04/2019

    About declare authorized of Kangen Water shop in China

    The Company has implemented Authorized agents and distribution for Kangen Water shop in China, all shops need to apply for authorization immediately, please contact Compliance Department as soon as possible: compliance@enagic-asia.com


    Kangen Water shop declaration deadline on 31st May 2019, if water shop exceeds the deadline may receive warning , freeze or cancellation.

  • 11/04/2019

    Enagic water machine “counterfeit goods”

    Recently, Enagic water machine “counterfeit goods” was discovered, please be careful.

    Both parties to the sale and purchase of infringing good under section 362 of the Laws of Hong Kong may be sentenced to jail for the sale of “counterfeit goods”. Upon conviction, the maximum penalty is a fine of HK$500,000 and imprisonment for five years.

    According to China domestic laws, Infringement requires legal liability.

    Health and Safety - Counterfeiters don’t care about your well-being, They just want to make a profit, many counterfeit products are low-quality and can cause injuries.

  • 18/01/2019

    Prohibition of medical claim

    Company reiterate that if there is a violation, we will handle severely and notify relevant authorities.


    Company Policies 9. Trademarks, Trade Names, Advertising

    (i) No claims as to the therapeutic or curative properties about the products may be made. In particular, no distributor may make any claim that the Company products are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Such statements can be perceived as medical claims. Not only is this against Company policy, but it is also against the laws governed by the Hong Kong Department of Health Drug Office Drug Registration Import/Export Control Division and Laws of Hong Kong bad advertising (medicine) Ordinance. Pursuant to the policy of prohibition of medical, curative or treatment claims, Enagic enumerates specific implementation of these policies which shall include, but not be limited to:

    (a) Distributors are prohibited from making medical, curative or treatment claims, whether expressed or implied;

    (b) Distributors are prohibited from using in all of their marketing materials and promotion any descriptions that are regarded as health or medical claims stating that; Kangen WaterTM may alleviate, cure, diagnose, prevent, relieve, or treat any medical condition, disease, ailment or malady;

    (c) Any violation of these guidelines will constitute grounds for discipline, commission suspension and/or termination of distributor status.