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Compliance News

  • 07/02/2023


  • 12/08/2022


  • 12/08/2022


  • 02/09/2021

    Online sales link issue in China

    Enagic products are prohibited to sell on internet shopping sites.
    Our company has made complaints against more than 2000 on-line platform links.
    Most of them have been removed and some platform stores were also punished.

    If distributors need to report, pls. email the links & related information to Compliance Dept.

  • 02/09/2021

    Notice of Stop handle or provide after-sales service for unknown goods

    Our company prohibits the sales/purchases of the Kangen machines that have not been officially imported into China.

    Please stop purchase the Kangen machines from unknown source.

    Smuggling goods & tax evasion are illegal, especially in China.

    Disciplinary actions and dismiss of warranty service would be enforce by our company for such issue.

    Reminder for Distributors: Stop handle or provide after-sales service for those illegal goods.

  • 02/07/2021

    Notification: Disciplinary Action Taken

    Enagic HK Co. Ltd. prides itself on its high level of ethics and business conduct and demands the same of its distributors.

    Former Bhutan Distributor Mr. SangXX GeXpo has terminated officially, effective from 2nd July 2021.

    The authorization by Enagic of all Kangen machine business for Mr. SangXX GeXpo has dismissed.

    Thereafter, Mr. SangXX GeXpo, DRUK Kangen and Bhutan Kangen Water office has no further authority to represent/or act on our behalf for any matter whatsoever, and Enagic will not be responsible or liable for any of his acts and activities.

    For enquiries concerning businesses of Enagic, pls. contact os1@enagic-asia.com

  • 18/01/2021

    Company Policies and Procedures – Article 3 & 5

    Enagic reiterated that in accordance with “Company Policies and Procedures”, Article 3 - Distributor Qualification, Article 5 – Business Conduct:

    Distributors must operate in accordance with the company's market planning system. Regardless of the level/region/ country, distributors cannot charge annual fees as an excuse to support their team, nor can they design their own marketing plans. Any violation must be dealt with serious.

    In China, Enagic assign no distributors/companies/studios/water shops/any headquarters/branch be our representatives.

    If you need to inquire about domestic regulations and apply for water shops, please contact Enagic Compliance Department.

    Contact information

    Tel : +852 21540078

    Email :compliance@enagic-asia.com

    Wechat ID: Enagic法規部

    Wechat QR code:

  • 29/12/2020

    Precautions for installing water machine

    We have received a complaint about a customer’s water hose bursting after the improper installation of the machine, it caused the water leak out and soak the whole house. We find that during to the installation, someone removed the original Pre-Filter of the customer to install his own. Therefore, the hose needs to be modified.

    The original water hose has deteriorated, however, when the machine installed, the customer haven’t be informing the problem. 

    And also using the rust hose connect to your new Pre-Filter, it will be burst and the water will leak and soak the whole house. Distributors should bear the responsibility and compensation.

    Taking photo for the water hose before and after the installation. If there is any problem with the customer’s own hose or other equipment, Distributors should warn the customer immediately. 

    Remember, Install the water machine after solved all problems.

  • 02/06/2020

    Selling counterfeit goods

    Recently, Enagic water machine “counterfeit goods” selling in market, and claim that Enagic technician set up product line in China, this behavior is misleading and infringe on consumers' rights and interests.

    We reiterates that the Enagic has never set up a production line in China. All Enagic brand products are exported from Japan. Consumers are advised to be alert to counterfeit products.

    Health and Safety - Counterfeiters don’t care about your well-being, They just want to make a profit, many counterfeit products are low-quality and can cause injuries.

  • 20/05/2020

    Avoid making False Statements to consumers on COVID-19 outbreak

    Medical claims are strictly forbidden during sales promotion of Enagic products, Kangen Water and Strong Kangen Water.Please avoid making False Statements, for example, prevent, cure, treat, mitigate of coronavirus (COVID-19).

    Thank you for your cooperation.